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Dear All,

The purpose of this blog is to expose:  Brian Gerrish;  Roger Hayes,  Belinda McKenzie,  The UK Column;  The British Constitution Group;  Lawful Rebellion;  overt Council Tax non-payment being advisable;  Commercial Liens;  the Hollie Greig con;  and,  apparent wide-spread child stealing–linked to paedophilia,  linked to Satanism;  as exactly what they are  —  a con and long*-range government conceived and supported PsiOp,  to make all questioning of the government appear part of the same cookish hobby.

Whilst it is an anecdotal certainty that paedophilia would be a preferred trait in certain government overt and covert operatives,  who are in key positions,  for the purposes of controlling them;  associating such things to other more mundane issues,  has the effect of discrediting the combined problems. Let me also concede that the Tory Cabinet,  which I was born during,  was stuffed with such colossally ugly,  perverted looking deviants,  that only with a total lack of thought could anyone not think that these people were not being selected on a dubious basis.  The,  the new generation,  and Labour’s bought in even more repulsive,  freakish contenders.  Now we have come full circle.  A dog or horse wouldn’t want anything to do with half of them,  and no ordinary person would trust them to do the simplest task or with the smallest of deal,  so why are they chosen as puppets to run the puppet show parliament?

My mind has never been made up about Satanism,  but when there’s no evidence,  then this must be presumed as the realm of sad fantasists,  such as Alistair Crowley,  who  “apparently”  did a lot of things,  but definitely was a colossal oddball,  who drew in support from the freakish homosexual,  public schoolboy elite.  It is bad enough,  on its own.  He’s not someone you’d be well advised to associate with or leave children or small animals near,  but fixating on things that there’s never been any proof to,  is clearly seriously undermining.  Taking children for money is a proven reality,  and can be proven by viewing the adverts on the back of busses for foster parents,  and the fees charged by family lawyers.  This is fact,  so why seek to add new non-facts to this.

It is not my intention to be patronizing,  but as with CoIntelPro,  no one really believes it happened,  despite it being a proven fact,  and no longer a secret.  This shall certainly be the case for a lot of the shenanigans,  which this shower are involved with.  Most people simply are too stupid to understand that such things can happen,  even when they’re over,  admitted,  and have clearly had the prescribed,  desired effects,  as also generally divulged by that time.  These concepts are the stuff of conspiracy theories,  but their *long-range nature,  is what makes them special.

The long-range psi-op,  as opposed to a one off,  progression-based,  or inside-knowledge-type con/s,  clearly establishes these as large interest group inspired.  A con man may do something for future gain,  but not of a highly complex,  capital/time intensive nature,  unless there’s definitely a clear direct gain.

Commercial Lien (CL)s  are the best and most easy to understand examples of these types of psi-ops. motive.  What could Brian gain personally from having people waste all of their time and channelling their energy into these pointless procedures?  Time-frame  v  probability of success  v  amount of effort.  How could it be that Brian could be bothered pushing a process,  if he didn’t know it worked,  then later,  when he definitely knew that it didn’t work?  How could this be stuck with for such a long time?  …for such a proportion of his organization’s time?  …without any success other than to draw attention,  from people who will all eventually lose heart,  should they go through with the process?  …put in all the effort?

Simple.  He couldn’t.  It’s a con,  but not,  as it’s a long-range deal,  which doesn’t benefit the builder directly.  No motive,  no crime.  Unless that is,  there’s a third party;  a hidden hand;  an architect.
Brian Gerrish shown for what he is in a short few paragraphs.  I hope everyone follows.  Please comment,  and standby for updates.

2 thoughts on “Disinformation / Disinfo AgentLong Range PsiOp Operative Agent Proof Charlatan Liar Cointel Pro

  1. Your dead right. I’ve been thinking the same thing. Since the Savile affair, I must admit Ive trawled the net trying to find out who’s the next celebrity pedo. And what I found are dozens of blogs and flashy web sites blaming the same people and organizations. Thank you am not going mad. Keep up the good work. Will keep an on your blog. Are you on Twitter?

  2. We have had a conversation about this and you know my views. Children are being taken into care by the state under false allegations using reports which keep innocent parents in long term therapy. What Brian Garish says is correct. I dislike any type of pulling down of anyone who has a point to raise and if maybe he has gone about things in underhanded ways. i.e Used this disabled young woman, its this he should be held up to scrutiny for. When people put the light on over information which is underhanded in order to highlight realities that are going on, yes thats wrong, but the point itself gets lost in the intention of why he did this, and that intention is to highlight something real and something that needs attention drawn to it..Yet its a well known tactic to make someone appear a liar, perhaps he is, yet the cause itself gets lost in the need to pull down the one who highlights issues that are real and so those remain covered up. No one can believe him when he’s been found to be a liar, so all who associate with him are then also badly damaged. Yet the reality remains, kids are being removed disabled people put into care and are abused in care. I am a mother of a handicapped young man that this has happened to, Gossips get spread about why children are removed, the disabled person gets focused upon and harmed. I have pics to prove this, also an audio recording I have now sent to the high court where carers were encouraging residents to hit my innocent son with sticks. Its dangerous to jump upon the band wagon in pulling down high profile people whose intentions are good, and highlighting something very important. Its a reality these things happen. but by going about this in the way ( Lying if he did and using Holly this way, If he did ) he has probably now in effect wrecked a cause that really seriously still needs highlighting. We need to give some credit where credit is due, and now for others to continue to take up highlighting such an important cause. There’s people that don’t want this highlighted and these people put their head on the line to do it..I admire anyone who does.

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